Friday, May 13, 2011

New Building Smaller Art Space- Something wrong there.

Last Saturday, I went to the Tampa Museum of Art.
It has been a while since my last visit and my first to the new building.

And I can honestly say I don't think I will return unless they are having an exhibit I want to see.

I went to see the Degas exhibit they are currently running. And it was Museums on Us where Bank of America Credit and Debit Card holders and employees of the bank can get in free. It is a very nice program with a lot of fine museums on it. Tampa Bay is sadly only had 3 on the list.

Normally, the museum runs about $10 for adult entry and a couple bucks for parking. But I did not find value in the museum to make it even worth $10. WHY?

The Permanent Collection is smaller than when they were in their old building. The Space is smaller. Okay maybe they have the collection in storage but you get a new building and the SPACE IS SMALLER? I thought you built to go bigger. They added a speaking hall and a cafe on the first floor- nice. The entire museum is on the second floor and consists of about maybe 5-6 rooms. The largest collection being their antiquities of Greece and Rome. But where did the rest of the collection go. And I would rather have a large warehouse with lots of art than a pretty building.

Tampa wants to be a great city but until its culture spaces increase there is nothing to bring people into town after hours and on weekends unless it is to go to the Performing Arts Center.