Sunday, April 03, 2011

Calendars and Daily Planners

In the past, they really never worked for me. I took classes online so it was just as easy to keep the information on my Outlook. Same for work, mainly because I only had a few meetings a month and the others were ad hoc with moments notice. Then I got a new job on a project team- most of my day is spend on the phone in meetings with some team or a sales officer or talking to clients for my group. I tried to use my school calendar, since I have been doing face to face classes this spring. 3 nights a week no big planner needed and using outlook. But then outlook started acting screwy and my planner I was using with one week on two pages became a tad to over crowded...okay very over crowded.

I decided to do a DIY Planner rather than go to purchased planners. This gives me control on what I need and how much to have in there. I print 2 monthly calendars at a time and 1 page daily calendars 2 weeks at a time. This is working so far. I have a monthly ToDo page for the rest of the year, so I can put appts on that. I have contact lists because after a power outage I realized I needed the numbers for the sales officers I handle. Hard to cancel when you don't have their number.

All this goes into an old Circa notebook I bought when Levenger's actually had good sales.

Beyond BLAH no?
Yeah very blah. I think it was meant to go into one of their circa sleeve things- which I do have (Like I said when Levenger's use to have good sales- The notebook was like 4 bucks, the binder I bought for it was like 20). But the binder is bulky and I wanted something I could toss to the side. So I found some sheets of decopatch I had and the wonderful decopatch adhesive they no longer sell (SIGH). Finding Decopatch paper is hard only one online store in the US still sells it and they never have the papers I want in stock (I love the blues and I am still looking for the shoe paper they had). Their adhesives are THE BEST- they are like a varnish which makes the paper a lot more sturdy for day to day use and glossy. I used gel medium to put the paper on the notebook after roughing up the surface with a sanding block. I didn't tear the paper into little patches but used sheet pretty much whole. I wanted a more uniform appearance.

The Front:

The Back:

Totally reversible but I like having the pink on the front. I would have had blue but finding someone with the blue papers is hard to do. Would have really loved the shoe paper but can't find that at all. Maybe when I go to France in the Fall I will look.

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